Monday, February 1, 2010

Moving on now

So there. Haven't posted here in a bit, but... there are things afoot.

To see what I'm doing now, click HERE.

I did it myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy waayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

They love me! They really love me!

Le thrill!

The calls, emails and good vibes sent out to the universe did nothing. Precisely nothing.

I hadn't heard from the job in the last two weeks, was giving up all hope, and figured I'd start anew with my other job leads and maybe even take the shitty job with the beverage distribution company. "Hey," I reasoned, "one of the industries that is always safe in an economic downturn is booze." And don't I know it? I haven't been hitting the bottle in this latest upset, but have been known to do so in the past.

Le sigh.

But then yesterday, a crappy day by all accounts, a day I wasn't even going to check email because of other more pressing issues, I happened to check my email and -- le shock! -- what to my wondering eyes should appear but an email from the job I'd been obsessing about for the past fortnight.

I figured it was just a blow-off email. The "hey, thanks for interviewing, but we found someone else, so kindly piss off," variety. I opened it.

I have a second interview scheduled tomorrow at 1:30 pm, mountain time. Good vibrations and thoughts and feelings (and praying if you do that sort of thing) around that time would be much appreciated.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

To call or not to call?

I come today to my three (or so) readers with a very important query. First, a little background.

I interviewed for a job. A great job, one that I would love going to every day. It was a great, great, GREAT interview.

I know it was great because they said so, and hinted that I would be brought in for a second interview. Then sent me follow up questions, and complimented me on my answers.

Since then, total radio silence.


I'm not a desperate man. Not really. However, I am a bit worried that I've been bypassed by another candidate, and they haven't called or written because... well I don't know why.

If it were you, and you needed to get a job (soon), would you call the place that hadn't been in touch in two weeks to see what the status is?

Monday, June 8, 2009

It's been a while.

Howdy. Anyone still here?

I'm moving away from the relationship-y stuff and moving towards more of a job-seeker thing, which makes sense now that my relationship is fine (and moving forward) and my job seeking is in full force (since I was laid off last month). So I'll be posting my trials and tribulations here on SVW.

First, a little background. In one month, I've applied for over 20 openings. I've received one interview. It went well, and I strongly believe I'm the best candidate they have. However, that was more than a week and a half ago, and I haven't heard a word since then. So I'm freakin' out.

I have to call today to Western Bev, which may or may not have a job opening for me to discuss. Should be interesting. If nothing else it will allow me to sort of stretch my mind muscle and learn a little something about beverage distribution, something I know very little about.

I'll let you know how that goes.



Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Losing track of time; Losing my mind

I keep looking at the clock.

Keep looking at the date.

And then at my phone. To see if she's called. Or texted.

The answer is still the same. No.

I'm losing track of time, losing my mind at the same time.

I know I get to see her tomorrow. I know this. And it brings me a lot of comfort.

But at the same time... having not seen her since last Tuesday night... and not having talked to her since late Saturday night -- a conversation that I barely remember, and actually thought I had dreamed when I awoke Sunday -- I'm literally aching to hear her voice... aching to hold her hand, to wrap my arms around her and hug her. Each night, I fall asleep wishing she was next to me, arms wrapped tightly around a spare pillow; it is the only way I can fall asleep.

I'm scared. Scared of what is keeping her from calling. Scared of what she'll reveal when she returns.

Please send any spare positive vibes and feelings my way. I need all I can get.


Seems like such a cliche, but the truth is this: She's been gone a full week (as of tonight), and it feels quite literally like an eternity. I've had my ups and my downs, but right now I'm just wishing for a phone call or a text... ANYTHING to let me know that she's willing to take a moment out of her day and her vacation to get in touch with the man who loves her more than life itself.

I haven't heard from her since Saturday night. I am nonplussed.

I'm a buoyed by the fact that she returns tomorrow night, that I'll likely hear from her sometime tomorrow (when she lands in Houston, I hope), and that I'll be the one waiting for her, with open arms and a grin on my face, when she steps off that escalator at Denver International.

And as my friend Lysa said today, "Just love her. Unconditionally."

Guess I'll have to do that.

Monday, February 9, 2009